Name: Jeanette Brown

Role: Patient Care Coordinator

Joined NWWC: August 2019

Personal Life: Jeanette was born in California, but grew up in Washington State. She married her husband, Johnny, in 1997, they love going on road trips, and together they have 3 children, ages  22, 17, and 6!  For a short while, they lived in her husband’s small hometown of Oakdale, Louisiana for 4 years, and were able to help with the hurricane Katrina and Rita recovery efforts. Jeanette and her daughters worked in organizing and handing out supplies while her husband managed the set up of temporary travel travelers for those who no longer had a home.

Life before NWWC:  Jeanette has enjoyed being a medical assistant and surgery scheduler for cardiac and vascular surgery. Her focus has always been on patient care and she loves the fact that she works in a specialty that helps people get healthier.

A day in her job: Jeanette will be your go to person after you have had your surgery consult. She will walk you through what your insurance requirements are. Schedule you for appointments. And help you with any medical referrals if needed. She looks forward to meeting with you!

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