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Staff Spotlight: Roxann Sexton

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Staff Spotlight: Roxann Sexton

April 09, 2021 | TEAM


Name: Roxann Sexton

Role: Accounts Payable & Credentialing

Joined NWWC: Feb 2020

Personal Life: I grew up in Florida as part of a large family and I was the middle child, and it was the best! My husband and I moved here to WA to help care for his family, and while I miss Florida a bunch, I am really loving the PNW.

Work life before joining NWWC: I previously worked for a St Joseph/Baycare for 16yrs as a Practice Support Manager.  Then moved to Miami and worked obtaining authorizations, scheduling procedures etc. for an ENT practice.

A day in your job: My days here at NWWC start early, I am a morning person, so I take advantage of the quiet time to start balancing the books, reviewing and keeping expenses in line, tracking business and patient accounts, placing supply orders, reviewing contracts and updating the credentials for our providers. Then my day really starts once the rest of the team starts coming in, that is when the meetings and phone calls start!

What else should we know about Roxann? Well to start, there is no “e” at the end of my name… (●’◡’●)

  • I love all types of animals, and I used to own a 5-acre horse farm but, Llamas are my favorite!
  • I really love to travel and go sailing, in fact I raced to Isla Mujeres in my boat!
  • Some unknown crazy adventures include braving the Yucatan during swine flu and not getting held in Cuba (before it opened for tourists)

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