Staff Spotlight: Roxann Sexton

Staff Spotlight: Roxann Sexton


Name: Roxann Sexton

Role: Accounts Payable & Credentialing

Joined NWWC: Feb 2020

Personal Life: I grew up in Florida as part of a large family and I was the middle child, and it was the best! My husband and I moved here to WA to help care for his family, and while I miss Florida a bunch, I am really loving the PNW.

Work life before joining NWWC: I previously worked for a St Joseph/Baycare for 16yrs as a Practice Support Manager.  Then moved to Miami and worked obtaining authorizations, scheduling procedures etc. for an ENT practice.

A day in your job: My days here at NWWC start early, I am a morning person, so I take advantage of the quiet time to start balancing the books, reviewing and keeping expenses in line, tracking business and patient accounts, placing supply orders, reviewing contracts and updating the credentials for our providers. Then my day really starts once the rest of the team starts coming in, that is when the meetings and phone calls start!

What else should we know about Roxann? Well to start, there is no “e” at the end of my name… (●’◡’●)

  • I love all types of animals, and I used to own a 5-acre horse farm but, Llamas are my favorite!
  • I really love to travel and go sailing, in fact I raced to Isla Mujeres in my boat!
  • Some unknown crazy adventures include braving the Yucatan during swine flu and not getting held in Cuba (before it opened for tourists)
Staff Spotlight: Jeanette Brown

Staff Spotlight: Jeanette Brown


Name: Jeanette Brown

Role: Patient Care Coordinator

Joined NWWC: August 2019

Personal Life: Jeanette was born in California, but grew up in Washington State. She married her husband, Johnny, in 1997, they love going on road trips, and together they have 3 children, ages  22, 17, and 6!  For a short while, they lived in her husband’s small hometown of Oakdale, Louisiana for 4 years, and were able to help with the hurricane Katrina and Rita recovery efforts. Jeanette and her daughters worked in organizing and handing out supplies while her husband managed the set up of temporary travel travelers for those who no longer had a home.

Life before NWWC:  Jeanette has enjoyed being a medical assistant and surgery scheduler for cardiac and vascular surgery. Her focus has always been on patient care and she loves the fact that she works in a specialty that helps people get healthier.

A day in her job: Jeanette will be your go to person after you have had your surgery consult. She will walk you through what your insurance requirements are. Schedule you for appointments. And help you with any medical referrals if needed. She looks forward to meeting with you!

Staff Spotlight: Brandi Davis

Staff Spotlight: Brandi Davis


Name: Brandi Davis


Joined NWWC: February 2021

Personal Life: I grew up in Southern Virginia, and I moved to Washington in January 2020. The majority of my family still lives in there. I am lucky to be a dog-mom to my sweet dachshund Charlie! I am also blessed to be a new aunt to a beautiful baby boy! I am currently back in school to get my BSN which has been a personal goal for a long time!

Work life before joining NWWC: I have been in healthcare the majority of my life. I obtained my CNA license while I was in high school, and worked in a nursing home throughout my time in RN school. I have been an RN for 10 years and have done mostly post-op and Med-Surg the entire time. I have also done preop, telemetry, palliative, outpatient, and worked in a physician office.

A day in your job: As a nurse in the ASC, I have the opportunity of working with the patients throughout their journey of surgery. We call the patients about a week prior to surgery and do an intense preop teaching session with them and their family. They come in and we get them ready, then they’re off to surgery and we get to be there with them when they wake up. It is amazing to see their progression from fresh out of surgery to being up and walking around on their own. We encourage them to walk and drink like it is their full time job. When they have progressed and are ready for discharge, we do another in-depth education session to ensure the patient and family member feels fully comfortable when they go home.

What else should we know about you?:

  • I have had both the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass, and my bypass was done by Dr. Michaelson. This gives me an advantage when I take care of our patients. I love that I can share my knowledge both as a post op bariatrics nurse and as someone who has went through the same challenges that our patients face. I really think it makes the patients feel better to know that we truly understand on a personal level what they are going through.
  • I worked as a travel nurse for 2 years. We drove across the country 4 times during those years. I have worked as a nurse in 5 different states. My husband worked from home at that time, and he was able to travel with me along with our fur baby!
Staff Spotlight: Whitney Wright

Staff Spotlight: Whitney Wright

Name: Whitney Wright

Role: Administrative Special Projects Coordinator

Joined NWWC: February 2016

Personal Life: Whitney is a Seattle native. She grew up as a middle child with three sisters. All of her sisters are local so she gets to spend a lot of time with them as well as her niece and five nephews. Whitney went back to school about a year ago to work towards her Master’s degree and is considering a future career in nursing, genetics counseling, neuropsychology, or as a physician assistant.

Life Before NWWC: Whitney worked in retail at Forever 21 throughout college and became a manager after graduating. As a visual merchandiser, she managed a team of 40 people. Due to her interest in medicine, she accepted a position at a pain management clinic where she became the front desk lead. The clinic provided medication management for pain as well as mental health services. She credits this job with honing her customer service skills and empathy from supporting patients with chronic pain.

A Day in Her Job: Whitney joined NWWC as a front desk specialist and later developed the lead front desk specialist role. She transitioned into her current position when she decided to go back to school. She spends a lot of time doing schedule and appointment management in our electronic medical record. She pulls reports for the clinical and administrative teams and develops workflows for the clinics. With her years of front desk experience, she helps the front desk team behind-the-scenes and provides historical knowledge.

What Else to Know about Whitney:

  • Music is a big part of her life. Her dad was a one-man-band musician and taught her to play guitar when she was 16. She plays guitar to destress, loves karaoke with friends on the weekend, and splurges on concerts as her main source of entertainment. Recently, she’s seen Dan + Shay, Panic! at the Disco, John Legend, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Whitney is an avid sports fan, especially football. She roots for the Seahawks and Huskies throughout the fall but you’ll never see her with a pumpkin spiced latte. While fall is her favorite season, she is not into pumpkin-flavored anything.
  • Whitney took her first trip across the ocean last month! She and her younger sister went to a yoga and mindfulness retreat in Bolzano, Italy, for a week of yoga, journaling, meditation, and exploring the beauty of northern Italy. Whitney is always up for a new adventure. “I’ll do anything once.”
Staff Spotlight: Lindsay Berndahl

Staff Spotlight: Lindsay Berndahl

NWWC Staff Spotlight

Name: Lindsay Berndahl

Role: Nocturnal Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Joined NWWC: October 2018

Personal Life: Lindsay is a Washington native. She is grateful to have all of her extended family in the state for lots of fun family memories. She has a very sweet dog-son, Dexter, who thinks he is human. J She spends her free time enjoying life with her friends, family, and boyfriend.

Life Before NWWC: Before joining NWWC, Lindsay worked as a patient care technician on the cardiology and intensive care unit floors at a busy urban hospital. She transitioned to health unit coordinator and monitor technician roles. She has worked in a variety of settings including inpatient, outpatient, telemetry, neurology, intensive care unit, adult family homes, and private in-home care. She also cared for her grandma in the last years of her life. 

A Day in Her Job: As a nocturnal CNA, Lindsay works with patients overnight while they are recovering from surgery. She measures vital signs, assists patients with moving, helps with pain management, and provides emotional support. At night, Lindsay and a nurse manage care for all of the patients in the surgery center so it’s essential that they work well as a team. Each patient is extremely different. Lindsay prides herself on being able to read individuals and meet them on their level. During her night shifts, she tries to pick up any “puzzle pieces” that may linger from the day and assembles them to provide the next shift with all of the information they need to provide the best patient care. When she works day shifts, she helps with admitting patients to the surgery center, turnover of the operating rooms, and discharging patients to home.

What Else to Know about Lindsay:

  • The summer of 2005 served as a catalyst in Lindsay’s decision to pursue a job in healthcare. Until then, her main experience with hospitals was for her sister with diabetes. In a crazy turn of events, Lindsay became the patient after being a victim of a random drive by shooting. Three weeks later, her father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. This was the tipping point that drove her to her healthcare career. “As many of us can attest to, it seems like medicine sought me out and I love it to this day.”
  • It is fitting that we are spotlighting Lindsay during the month of her favorite holiday: Halloween! She has thrown many elaborate Halloween house parties over the years.
  • She loves friends, family, laughing, music, tattoos, and the outdoors! “I love to laugh and spend as much time as possible with those who I can make laugh in return.” She enjoys camping in the summer and spending time near the water. Her “pseudo-nieces” are the loves of her life. “Watching them develop their own strong, vibrant personalities has been so special.”
Staff Spotlight: April Raber

Staff Spotlight: April Raber

NWWC Staff Spotlight

Name: April Raber

Role: Patient Care Coordinator (PCC)

Joined NWWC: July 2013

Personal Life: April was born in Yakima and grew up on the Eastside suburbs of Seattle before settling in the Snohomish area. She has two children: her artistic adult daughter, Tessa, and her recent high school graduate son, Talon. Her 2 sisters and 4 brothers are spread throughout Oregon, Idaho, and Washington and she just welcomed her newest niece, Maizie, on July 28th.

Life Before NWWC: April has had many roles in the service industry including medical records management, childcare, restaurant hostess, and supporting an ophthalmologist. She became a certified medical assistant (CMA) in 2002 and was the lead CMA in a pediatric office in Mill Creek for 9 years. She joined our team as a CMA and transitioned into the PCC role in March 2018.

A Day in Her Job: As a PCC, April primarily supports Dr. Chock and Dr. Montgomery’s patients in navigating their preoperative journey. She attends information seminars to greet new patients, meets with patients during their surgical consults, schedules their appointments, ensures they are completing the insurance and program requirements, and works closely with the insurance team for submission. She acknowledges that the pre-op process can be overwhelming for patients. “I tell patients that anytime they get scared, I’m a phone call away. No question is silly.”

She compares her job to gardening. “You take a seed and tend to it, water it, and pluck weeds, such as anxious or negative thoughts patients might be having. Sometimes it’s painful and messy but it grows into something beautiful and adds to this garden. I love seeing my patients after surgery as they start blossoming.”

What Else to Know about April:

  • She overcame a major phobia of needles to become a CMA. When she looked at needles, her ears would ring and she’d have tunnel vision. She and her friend Kim joined a CMA program together and Kim supported her to overcome her fear. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.” When she was faced with doing her first blood draw, she almost passed out, but she did it! It took 8 weeks of practice before she stopped having bodily reactions. In overcoming her fear, April was inspired to improve her phlebotomy skills to put other people with needle phobias at ease. “I wanted to be so soft-handed that you wouldn’t feel the needle.”
  • In preparation to become an empty nester, she decided to pursue some hobbies. She had started learning to play guitar from her dad before he passed away. In June, she started professional lessons and is learning to play “Shallow” and “Broken Halos”. She has also thought about putting her medical skills to use in travel abroad missions. “I have not been brave enough to take the jump yet.”
  • She loves hiking and camping in the Cascades and would spend even more time in the wilderness if she found an experienced backpacking buddy. “I love exploring new areas and saying, ‘Look where we get to stay tonight!’” If you want to be April’s backpacking buddy, let her know! She’ll bring the guitar to serenade you around the campfire. 🙂