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Roxann staff member

Staff Spotlight: Roxann Sexton

April 09, 2021 | TEAM

  Name: Roxann Sexton Role: Accounts Payable & Credentialing Joined NWWC: Feb 2020 Personal Life: I grew up in Florida as part of a large family and I was the middle child, and it was the best! My husband and...

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Jeanette staff member

Staff Spotlight: Jeanette Brown

April 09, 2021 | TEAM

  Name: Jeanette Brown Role: Patient Care Coordinator Joined NWWC: August 2019 Personal Life: Jeanette was born in California, but grew up in Washington State. She married her husband, Johnny, in 1997, they love going on road trips, and together...

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Brandi staff member

Staff Spotlight: Brandi Davis

April 08, 2021 | TEAM

  Name: Brandi Davis Role: ASC PACU RN Joined NWWC: February 2021 Personal Life: I grew up in Southern Virginia, and I moved to Washington in January 2020. The majority of my family still lives in there. I am lucky...

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Staff member Whitney

Staff Spotlight: Whitney Wright

November 12, 2019 | TEAM

Name: Whitney Wright Role: Administrative Special Projects Coordinator Joined NWWC: February 2016 Personal Life: Whitney is a Seattle native. She grew up as a middle child with three sisters. All of her sisters are local so she gets to spend...

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Staff member Lindsay

Staff Spotlight: Lindsay Berndahl

October 01, 2019 | TEAM

NWWC Staff Spotlight Name: Lindsay Berndahl Role: Nocturnal Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Joined NWWC: October 2018 Personal Life: Lindsay is a Washington native. She is grateful to have all of her extended family in the state for lots of fun...

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April staff member

Staff Spotlight: April Raber

September 11, 2019 | TEAM

NWWC Staff Spotlight Name: April Raber Role: Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) Joined NWWC: July 2013 Personal Life: April was born in Yakima and grew up on the Eastside suburbs of Seattle before settling in the Snohomish area. She has two...

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Erika staff member

Staff Spotlight: Erika Burk

July 31, 2019 | TEAM

Erika supports many departments at Northwest Weight & Wellness Center. She is always ready to help with a smile and a “yes”!

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Kristi staff member

Staff Spotlight: Kristi Hansen

July 02, 2019 | TEAM

Name: Kristi Hansen Role: Registered Nurse in Sound Surgeons Surgery Center Joined NWWC: October 2018 Personal Life: Kristi is married and has two teenagers and two dogs. She has worked her way across the country over the years. She was...

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Kaitlyn staff member

Staff Spotlight: Kaitlyn Sutherland

May 29, 2019 | TEAM

Name: Kaitlyn Sutherland Role: Lead Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Joined NWWC: July 2016 Personal Life: Kaitlyn is a Washington native and lives with her husband, Skyler (pictured with Kaitlyn). She has two older siblings and eight step-siblings! Since most of...

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Leigh staff member

Staff Spotlight: Leigh Swope-Johnson

May 02, 2019 | TEAM

Name: Leigh Swope-Johnson Role: Administrative Operations Supervisor; Billing Manager Joined NWWC: July 2008 Personal Life: Leigh lives with her husband (pictured with Leigh) and has 3 children. Her daughter is a high school sophomore, her son is studying music at...

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