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Staff Spotlight: Brandi Davis

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Staff Spotlight: Brandi Davis

April 08, 2021 | TEAM


Name: Brandi Davis


Joined NWWC: February 2021

Personal Life: I grew up in Southern Virginia, and I moved to Washington in January 2020. The majority of my family still lives in there. I am lucky to be a dog-mom to my sweet dachshund Charlie! I am also blessed to be a new aunt to a beautiful baby boy! I am currently back in school to get my BSN which has been a personal goal for a long time!

Work life before joining NWWC: I have been in healthcare the majority of my life. I obtained my CNA license while I was in high school, and worked in a nursing home throughout my time in RN school. I have been an RN for 10 years and have done mostly post-op and Med-Surg the entire time. I have also done preop, telemetry, palliative, outpatient, and worked in a physician office.

A day in your job: As a nurse in the ASC, I have the opportunity of working with the patients throughout their journey of surgery. We call the patients about a week prior to surgery and do an intense preop teaching session with them and their family. They come in and we get them ready, then they’re off to surgery and we get to be there with them when they wake up. It is amazing to see their progression from fresh out of surgery to being up and walking around on their own. We encourage them to walk and drink like it is their full time job. When they have progressed and are ready for discharge, we do another in-depth education session to ensure the patient and family member feels fully comfortable when they go home.

What else should we know about you?:

  • I have had both the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass, and my bypass was done by Dr. Michaelson. This gives me an advantage when I take care of our patients. I love that I can share my knowledge both as a post op bariatrics nurse and as someone who has went through the same challenges that our patients face. I really think it makes the patients feel better to know that we truly understand on a personal level what they are going through.
  • I worked as a travel nurse for 2 years. We drove across the country 4 times during those years. I have worked as a nurse in 5 different states. My husband worked from home at that time, and he was able to travel with me along with our fur baby!

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