Nutrition Education

When it comes to nutrition, a healthy eating plan is key for improving health and meeting wellness goals. In today’s world “healthy eating” can be very confusing and overwhelming, and not everyone has the same needs or goals.

Whether you are interested in one of our surgical or medically supervised weight loss programs here at Northwest Weight & Wellness, our Registered Dietitians can help guide you through maze of information and create the right nutrition plan for you. Our Registered Dietitians specialize in helping you achieve weight loss through nutritional guidance that meets your needs when it comes to your activity level, food sensitivities and other challenges you may face as an individual.

Along with nutrition counseling and education, the team will also conduct nutrition assessments and provide medical nutrition therapy. Whether your appointment is virtual or in person, this is the team that will support and work closely with you to discuss ideas, challenges, and provide you with the information and guidance needed to navigate your way through this journey.

Our Registered Dietitians Julia and Nicole may have their own styles, but their goal is the same, they want to build meaningful relationships with their patients and help create that path to improved health throughout your weight loss journey.

To find out more about Julia and Nicole head over to the Healthcare Providers page located within the About Us section.

We look forward to meeting you!