Nicole M. Crotty, RDN, CD
Registered Dietitian

As a Registered Dietitian, Nicole conducts nutrition assessments for patients, provides medical nutrition therapy, and offers nutrition counseling and education for patients on surgical and non-surgical weight loss journeys.

Nicole is a Registered Dietitian and is certified in the state of Washington. She graduated from the University of Idaho and completed her dietetic internship at Southwest Idaho Advanced Care Hospital in Boise. Nicole served as a regional dietitian providing medical nutrition therapy and nutrition education to patients in several healthcare facilities in Washington and Oregon. In addition, she was a health coach specializing in weight loss counseling, bariatrics, and diabetes management. An expert in food handling and menu planning, Nicole has presented at many community outreach programs.

Patient focus:
Nicole believes food is medicine, and giving our bodies wholesome nutrition gives us the opportunity to improve our health, wellness, and overall quality of life. To help patients make small, sustainable changes and achieve their health goals, she says it’s extremely important to have the long-term support of a healthcare team and evidence-based nutrition information. Nicole finds it very rewarding to support patients on their weight loss journey and watch the changes in how they look, feel and think.

An avid fan of the outdoors, Nicole enjoys snow skiing, camping and biking with her husband. They also like to try the many unique restaurants the Seattle area has to offer. In addition, Nicole likes to spend time cooking and reading.