Contributions from:
Ali Coster, Dietetic Intern
Laura Andromalos, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator
Amanda Davis, Exercise Physiologist
Lance Briggs, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

During this holiday season, make a promise to put yourself at the top of your list. You’ve worked hard to stay on course with managing your weight and health throughout the year. Don’t let the holiday season throw you off! Parties, big meals, treats at the office and alcohol all create a challenging environment for healthy eating. Days of travel and holiday events limit time for exercise. And we won’t even start counting the number of possible stressors that come with the holiday season.

Your NWWC care team wants to support you! With nutrition, fitness, and behavioral health experts, we can help you make a plan to stay on track throughout the holidays. Be proactive! Schedule an appointment to see us before the holiday season wreaks havoc on your health goals.

Nutrition Tips:

  • Eating at the house of a family or friend? Offer to bring a healthy dish that you know you can enjoy. Check out these websites for tasty (and healthy!) holiday dishes: