Obesity is a complex disease that involves both the body and mind. The process of losing weight and learning new ways to work with food can be challenging. That’s why Northwest Weight & Wellness Center offers a support network to help keep you on track during your weight loss journey.

We provide an on-site therapist who works exclusively with our patients, to help them discover whatever mental or emotional barriers are impeding their path to wellness. Your therapist is part of your medical team and will assist in the coordination of your personalized care. Available services include:

Individual therapy

You work one-on-one with our therapist, who will conduct a thorough behavioral assessment, and provide you with all the ongoing support and tools you need to make healthy lifestyle changes. Your therapist can also assess for prescriptive needs.

Family counseling

Ideally your family is a major contributor to your success by providing a strong support system. But sometimes the family structure can be a barrier to success. Family therapy sessions can help bridge that barrier. 

Support groups

We all need support. Especially from other people who know exactly what you are going through. For this reason, we provide monthly guided support groups where patients meet to share experiences with each other. A variety of topics are covered, with the purpose of enlightening and empowering you.

Psychiatric treatment

We can manage a wide variety of mental health disorders through a combination of medication and/or individual therapy. 

Nicotine cessation program

Our unique 10-week program offers you the best chance of lifetime nicotine cessation, as scientific research indicates this is the length of time required for behavioral changes. During your personalized program, you’ll meet for individual assessment and “coaching” sessions, as well as group sessions. Medication assistance is available if needed.

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