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Staff Spotlight: Marian Hagi-Mayow

Staff Spotlight: Marian Hagi-Mayow

Name: Marian Hagi-Mayow, BSN, CMSRN

Role: Registered Nurse – Ambulatory Surgery Center

Joined NWWC:  September 2018

Personal Life: Marian was born & raised in Somalia. When the civil war started, her family had to separate and evacuate. “We lost everything.” Marian arrived in Italy as a teenager; she worked as a maid and was not able to go to school. Her older sister’s husband was an athlete so he and her sister were sponsored to come to the United States. In 1992, they brought Marian to the US but she didn’t have legal paperwork so she had to move to Canada. In Canada, she received her high school diploma, met her husband, had two children, and went to college to become a nurse. She moved to Washington in 2016 and has also lived in Austin, Texas.

Life Before NWWC:  Marian has been working in healthcare since 1998. Before becoming a nurse, she was a Certified Nursing Assistant. She worked at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Canada medical center. After becoming a nurse, Marian worked as a unit manager in bariatrics and orthopedics at St. David’s Healthcare in Austin and Stevens Hospital in Edmonds. The CMSRN after her name stands for Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse.

A Day in Her Job: Marian typically works the afternoon to evening shift. She helps patients recover from bariatric, plastic, and general surgeries performed in our surgery center. For the first hour after surgery, also called phase 1, Marian is by the patient’s side nonstop. Once they advance to phase 2, she supports them with walking, drinking fluids, pain management, and emotional support. She completes the discharge educations and protocols for patients who are having day surgeries. She also helps with surgery center projects and coordinating anesthesia consults. When the regular night nurse is not available, Marian covers overnight shifts.

“I take my job very seriously because it involves human beings. I care for my patients sometimes way more than I care for myself. When I see how much they trust me, I truly appreciate it. It humbles me a lot.” She enjoys working in bariatrics because “they are mostly people who are healthy and are on a journey psychologically. Helping them, encouraging them, pushing them… I love that part.”

What Else to Know about Marian:

  • She’s a hard-working lady! In addition to her job at NWWC, she works for Molina Healthcare doing chart audits and works as a per diem cardiac nurse for Providence on the weekends. “That’s how I put my kids through college. I didn’t want my kids to do what I had to do – borrowing and having too much debt.”
  • She sponsors six children in Africa. Two are from Somalia and four are from the refugee camp in Kenya where her mother and siblings lived after leaving Somalia. Each month, she sends hundreds of dollars to pay for their food, clothing, education, and healthcare. “I never forget where I come from and how hard it is.” This past summer, she and her two birth children traveled to Africa and met the four sponsored children in Kenya. She is pictured her with her children on a stop in Dubai during their trip to Africa.
  • She loves training new nurses and helping them build their competency and compassion in nursing. “For me, being an immigrant and having English as 3rd language, I faced so much discrimination. Now, I’m the work mom. Always right there standing by them. Supporting them. I tell them, ‘there’s nothing you can’t do.’”
Staff Spotlight: Kristi Hansen

Staff Spotlight: Kristi Hansen

Name: Kristi Hansen

Role: Registered Nurse in Sound Surgeons Surgery Center

Joined NWWC: October 2018

Personal Life: Kristi is married and has two teenagers and two dogs. She has worked her way across the country over the years. She was born in Tennessee, moved to Iowa in junior high, moved to Minnesota with her high school sweetheart & husband, moved to southern California, moved back to Tennessee, and arrived in Washington one year ago. “I am ready to stay put for a while.”

Life Before NWWC: Kristi has been a nurse for 24 years and has always worked in acute care hospitals before joining NWWC. She has worked in intensive care, step down (the transition between intensive and general care), post-anesthesia care, and cardiac catheterization (cath) lab. Her cath lab role was the most intense. When on call, Kristi slept with a pager and had to be in within 30 minutes of being paged to provide CPR and stabilize patients who were on the edge of death. She has worked her fair share of nights, weekends, and holidays and is enjoying the calmer setting of the surgery center.

A Day in Her Job: Once patients have checked in for surgery, Kristi greets them in the waiting room and takes them to the surgery center. She prepares them for surgery by starting their IV, completing a medical assessment, reviewing the preoperative surgical questions, and providing them with medications. After surgery, Kristi takes care of patients in recovery. The first full hour is one-on-one time with a nurse. “We don’t leave their side.” She comforts patients as they come out of anesthesia, manages their pain and nausea, and encourages them to take their first sips of water. As their recovery continues, Kristi helps them to get dressed, supports them as they take their first laps around the nursing station, and continues to manage pain, nausea, and hydration.

What Else to Know about Kristi:

  • Kristi has known she wanted to be a nurse since she was a child. She had surgery when she was 6 years old and really liked the nurse who took care of her. “I thought, ‘She helps people feel better. I like that. I want to be a nurse.’” And the rest is history! She enjoys the autonomy of nursing and being able to help patients on a daily basis.
  • Kristi’s most memorable patients are an entire family who have had bariatric surgery. She has helped 3 of the 4 family members. “They are a super cool family. It’s been great to see them all go through the positive experience together. They all help to support one another.”
  • Kristi and her family enjoy the outdoors. They hike in the summer, including the dogs, and have explored many of the trails in the Cascades. They are hoping to tackle more hikes in the Olympics this year. They usually visit northern Minnesota each summer and Kristi hopes to own a cabin there someday for retirement. In the winter, Kristi cross-country skis while the rest of her family enjoys the downhill version.
  • Kristi’s children are gearing up for exciting life transitions. Her daughter starts her senior year of high school this fall and is considering colleges in California, Washington, and Minnesota. Her son is becoming an Eagle Scout this summer following a 2-week backpacking and camping trip in Canada.