What does it mean to meditate? The word meditation conjures different images from popular culture but what does it really mean? Meditation is a way of moving your thoughts away from life’s distractions. These distractions are usually rooted in analyzing the mistakes of the past or the fears of the future. The natural tendency of the consciousness (or awareness) to move backward and forward in time is crucial for our survival. It is what makes humans the top of the food chain because we are able to out-think larger, stronger predators.  We don’t have too many predators to fight in our current society. Still, your wandering consciousness continues to travel from the past to the future collecting feelings of guilt, anxiety and fear. I often describe the consciousness as a tired traveler. Meditation gives this woeful wanderer a chance to rest.

The goal of meditation is to give your consciousness a chance to rest. It allows you to move forward in your life with intention instead of becoming a victim to your tired consciousness. When your consciousness is tired, you tend to be more reactive by acting without much thought.  Often people ask, “Why do I keep failing at what I want to do?”.  I think the answer is simple: your consciousness is tired and you fall victim to the unconscious, pleasure-driven brain. By practicing meditation twice a d