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NWWC Staff Spotlight

Name: Joelle Roehl

Role: Insurance Coordinator

Joined NWWC:  January 2019

Personal Life: Joelle was born in Edmonds and has lived in Washington her entire life. Her parents and four siblings live in Washington as well. At home, she lives with roommates and several furry family members: dogs Luna and Nala, cat Salem, and rat Onyx. While working full-time, she is completing her Associate’s degree.

Life Before NWWC:  Joelle has had a variety of office roles prior to joining our team. She worked for commercial landscaping companies doing estimations and bidding for projects and was a benefits administrator for an actuarial firm with a large hospital as her client.

A Day in Her Job: Joelle joined NWWC as an insurance verification specialist and has been promoted to the insurance coordinator role. She calls insurance companies or visits their online portals to gather details about benefits, exclusions, deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, and all of the confusing insurance information needed to navigate coverage for surgery. You might have spoken with her over the phone about these exciting things! She also completes all of the submissions to get people approved for surgery, including appeals. This involves record gathering, completing insurance forms, writing letters of medical necessity, and lots of faxing. While her average submission is 30 pages, she is working on a complicated one right now that is nearly 200 pages. “I advocate for patients to their insurance company. I have to help someone in the insurance company, who has no idea what bariatric surgery is, understand that it is medically necessary for our patients.”

What Else to Know about Joelle:

  • In the last few months, Joelle started her own health journey. “I made a push to get healthier and get in better shape to spend time in nature and not be out of breath. I’ve found a lot of confidence in exercising and focusing on what I’m putting in my body.” Her greatest athletic accomplishment so far? Reaching a full hour on the stair climber for a whopping 161 flights!
  • In May 2020, Joelle is embarking upon her first international excursion with a trip to Ireland and Scotland. “I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland for as long as I can remember. The goal is to meet an attractive Irish man, fall in love, and get married.” 😉 She’ll be visiting Dublin, Cork, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. Her only reserve is being apart from her furry family. Since rescuing her dogs, she has never spent more than 24 hours away from them.
  • By the time you’re reading this, Joelle will have some new ink on her calf. She is planning a tattoo of a tall tree with crystals entwined in the roots in honor of the Washington state trees that develop quartz and amethyst gems in their root systems. 

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