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More Than Nutrition and Weight Tracking

To better support your weight loss journey, please download the baritastic app and enter our location code to assist your care team with setting goals and tracking progress along the way.

  • Track inches lost.
  • Setup daily reminders for water, protein shakes, vitamins and supplements.
  • Take photos and create a photo timeline.
  • Track hunger, happiness and even bowel movements.
  • Integrate with major wearable devices to track steps.
  • Access bariatric friendly recipes.
  • Track your body mass index (BMI).
  • Count down to surgery and track days since surgery.
  • Seminar to surgery checklist to stay on track and get approved.
  • Bariatric timer that separates food and water.
  • A bite timer that helps you slow down while eating.
  • The best bariatric resources to stay supported and educated.

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