Lance E. Briggs, MSN, PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Lance is the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Northwest Weight and Wellness Center (NWWC).

Originally from Oregon, Lance moved to North Dakota to achieve his Master of Science in Nursing from the University of North Dakota. As a registered nurse, he served as the Psychiatric Nurse Supervisor of a 126-bed hospital in Houston, Texas, from 2016-2018. He is excited to return to the Pacific Northwest and serve our patients as a psychiatric healthcare provider.

Lance’s clinical interests include bariatric psychiatry, addiction pathology and behavioral treatments, psychotropic medication management, mood disorders, personality disorder, eating disorders, and learning and cognitive disorders. His research interests include pharmacokinetic (medication absorption) alterations from bariatric surgery and their impact on psychiatric prescriptive management.

Other interests:
When he’s not busy at work, you can find him bicycling, traveling, and playing his guitar.

Patient Care Philosophy:
I feel we are all searching for similar elements in life, such as peace, belonging and fulfillment. I love being part of a team that helps people develop the skills to find these elements and enable them to reach their health goals.