Name: Kristi Hansen

Role: Registered Nurse in Sound Surgeons Surgery Center

Joined NWWC: October 2018

Personal Life: Kristi is married and has two teenagers and two dogs. She has worked her way across the country over the years. She was born in Tennessee, moved to Iowa in junior high, moved to Minnesota with her high school sweetheart & husband, moved to southern California, moved back to Tennessee, and arrived in Washington one year ago. “I am ready to stay put for a while.”

Life Before NWWC: Kristi has been a nurse for 24 years and has always worked in acute care hospitals before joining NWWC. She has worked in intensive care, step down (the transition between intensive and general care), post-anesthesia care, and cardiac catheterization (cath) lab. Her cath lab role was the most intense. When on call, Kristi slept with a pager and had to be in within 30 minutes of being paged to provide CPR and stabilize patients who were on the edge of death. She has worked her fair share of nights, weekends, and holidays and is enjoying the calmer setting of the surgery center.

A Day in Her Job: Once patients have checked in for surgery, Kristi greets them in the waiting room and takes them to the surgery center. She prepares them for surgery by starting their IV, completing a medical assessment, reviewing the preoperative surgical questions, and providing them with medications. After surgery, Kristi takes care of patients in recovery. The first full hour is one-on-one time with a nurse. “We don’t leave the