Chad had a sleeve gastrectomy in November 2016 at NWWC.

What is the best part about this journey?

It was getting back to the normal active lifestyle that I had when I was younger. I used to do a lot of outdoors stuff like camping, fishing, hiking, and softball. For the 5 years before surgery, I couldn’t physically do any of those things. Sports was one of my biggest joys and I couldn’t do that. I was trapped in my own body.

My health had deteriorated so badly. I had to take medication on a daily basis for blood pressure. I was getting fatty liver. I had pre-diabetes. My kidneys weren’t functioning properly. I was a walking pharmacy. I had to go to doctor every 3 months for my blood tests. Now I’m on the once a year plan. All of that stuff is gone.

What has been the hardest part?